DAMA Productions

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About us

DAMA  Productions  is division  of DAMA Brand International, Inc  Chairman & Founder Phillip Delacruz  with corporate offices in Los Angeles and a division office in France headed by Patricia Constanza. 

The DAMA brand's vision is to highlight how a talented group of women can manage a wonderful company, develop and create amazing products with charities attached, our goal is to give back!

The DAMA Foundation was created so we can give a portion of our profits back to female friendly projects.

" Creativity, Originality, Passion"


DAMA   with its professional ideas and creative solutions, focuses on events management for brands , product launches, fashion shows, exhibitions, trade events, venue launch, pop up store ,music events, red carpet to private birthday parties...) Whether you are based in Europe, United States & worldwide we can handle events for you . Our wide range of services and personalized attention to details and  fierce commitment to quality makes corporate events simpler.


DAMA Branding Design & conception department based in Los Angeles. We can provide you with creative development, production, design, trends brand by a talented art creator & artistic director...is the Chief Executive Officer of DAMA. Phillip Delacruz brings over thirty years of breakthrough branding, highly-original design, and inspiring leadership, all in the service of launching & building successful brands. 

Marketing & Communication

DAMA Branding Marketing is quickly becoming one of the most trusted marketing agencies based on our commitment to research on the latest marketing trends and due to our leadership involvement in many trade and marketing associations.

We are an agency with a talented leadership team that brings combined years of experience in branding, creative solutions, strategic marketing, outreach, sales management and more to the effort, and our experience in the hospitality, meeting and event, lifestyle, nonprofit, association marketing and luxury goods space augments our ability to understand your needs and bring you the right solutions.
We can provide you with creative development, production, design, brand development, channel strategy and media planning, digital and direct marketing, corporate communications, employer branding and non-campaign advertising. Communication & Events Entertainment, Communication Visual and advertising campaign ,Logo or Identity code, Product placement , Events , Private party , Fashion shoot…)Red Carpet TM celebrity dress up , Exhibition, show room & pop up store, Visibility on social networks, Emailing ,Fashion blogger ,Online sales, TV and Press Relation worldwide. 

DAMA Tequila 

DAMA Tequila, The finest Eco-sensitive, made with 100% organic blue agave formula, tastefully crafted by the delicate palate of a woman, but pleasingly strong enough

for men, with a selected charity built into every bottle.

DAMA Tequila is only available for private tasting at select events and parties until its launch to the public, in 2018. Please follow us on FB and on Instagram  for exclusive invites  DAMA sponsored private soirees, red carpet.